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The A Team

The recordings you hear in the music section were mixed and mastered by Abstract Sun Records’ in-house ‘A-Team’ (Keenan Bailey & Steve Lewis). To have your music receive the same first class treatment please email:

Guidelines for sending tracks to be mixed


Organise and label your audio tracks and file names.

Each audio track has to be labelled with the name of the sound recorded / music instrument on it.
(E.g. Piano, Lead Voice, Acoustic Guitar etc.)

FX and Plug-ins

Remove all effects and plug-ins. Send your mix dry.
There are cases when this should be done differently. This usually is for tracks you are 100% happy with, like FX or synth tracks where the sound is exactly the one you want to keep in your mix. In this case it is ok to send us the bounce of the tracks processed with all plug-ins or FX on. (If you don’t want us to change anything or you feel it may change the groove of your track especially for producers then bounces the tracks with all your fx on it but let us know) If the above is applicable to your mix, you should ideally send us an extra folder (DRY COPY) with a copy of all these files completely unprocessed and dry to allow our engineer to decide what the best thing to do is. Please don’t forget to label your files correctly.

Bouncing the parts

Bounce down (solo and export) each track individually from bar 1 so that all of your files will line up correctly. Be sure you leave your track at the bit rate (usually 24bit or 16bit) they were recorded at. For high compatibility send us your files at 44.100 KHz. The file extension has to be .aif or .wav as they are compatible with any system.
You must bounce all your MIDI and virtual instruments so to have them converted in audio. We can only mix and work on audio files.

It’s important that all tracks you send us are not digitally clipping. Set the volume at 0dB and bounce the track. If the metering is clipping adjust the volume down to the required level. (in case your audio already contains clips, don’t worry, we can use clipping removal software to have your music clip free)
Please before sending the audio file, open them in a new session so to double check that everything is working fine.


You cannot combine tracks together. This will make our engineers waste a lot of time and might stop the work if by dividing these tracks your mix ends up being bigger in terms of number of tracks than the one you purchased. Mix size are up to 16, 48, 96, 144 audio tracks per song.

For example, in the intro of a track “A” there is a synth and in the chorus on the same track there is a tambourine. If the track is called ‘percussion’ it can include only percussion sounds: no synth, vocal or sounds that cannot to be treated as percussion.

Please understand that our engineers love music no matter the genre and are trying make you track sound the best that it possibly could be, so please try to adhere to all of the above requirements.


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