Mas Law

The child of the UK’s largest African Dance Company (Ekome). No stranger to the stage or all that comes with it, for he has been musically involved since the youth was able to beat the drum. Firmly centred in his roots, he’s spent years in the tunnel crafting out something to affect the current crisis of hip hop. His latest album, I need a BREAK, speaks about the many social ills that daily affect the masses and his take is a word of inspiration for those who feel there is no way out cause we all need a break in life sometimes. As a person he is far from a conformist who believes more consciousness is needed to purge a society riddled with fallacies and facades. The warmth of love is needed to melt this ice age where nothing grows. He hails from the NW of London, and constructs all his own material in the name of Bilbo Baggums under the abstract sun label.

Bilbo Baggums is a dusty foot traveller always searching for interesting sounds, samples and instruments and combining them to make complex rhythms to tease the ears and tickle the senses.  He is also involved in voicing all sorts of artists and prides himself on artist interaction. In all cases he tries to get something out of the individual that is unusual to their everyday recordings. You can find out more about Bilbo Baggums and where to purchase or license his beats from

I Need A Break     Entire Album: £7.49 

01 Warm di Soul £0.69  
02 Freedom Won £0.69  
03 Advertise Me £0.69  
04 Big Bores £0.69  
05 Pacman £0.69  
06 Compesh Ting (skit) £0.69  
07 Sending My Salutations feat. Faith Giant £0.69  
08 Break £0.69  
09 Jah Knows £0.69  
10 This Heart Belongs feat. Cobes (Ldz) and Sunchild £0.69  
11 The Rain £0.69  
12 Overstanding £0.69  

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